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Today marks the 40th year since the Fitz was lost. May her crew never be forgotten and always forever hold their own in peace.

Edmund Fitzgerald | 40 years under Lake Superior (WKYC)


My image "The Last Storm" has been printed in BBC Knowledge magazine. The magazine ran an article on rogue waves and how the Fitz may have been lost to such a fate.

BBC Knowledge Magazine, Mar/Apr 2011


Edmund Fitzgerald - The Last StormEdmund Fitzgerald Service in River Rouge - November 10, 2009
S. S. Edmund Fitzgerald 4th service in River Rouge, Michigan
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm November 10, 2009

More information at www.ssedmundfitzgerald.com

Prints of nautical/marine image "The Last Storm" are approximately 8" x 10", printed on
8 1/2" x 11" archive-quality Epson Premium Luster Semi-Gloss paper for a beautiful permanent print using an Epson Stylus Photo Pro R1800. Prints are $20 each (shipping included) and I ship the prints USPS after the transaction is completed through Paypal. Prints are usually received within a week.

Please note the title of the image does not appear on the final print. Click on the image at left to view a larger version.

10/14/2009 - New Photos Added!

big fitz My entire collection of Edmund Fitzgerald reference photos has been added. Many are photos I have taken of blueprints, scale models, and other similar ore carrier ships docking in Marquette, Michigan. I've collected them from many places on the Internet, so I'm not sure to whom credit goes, but if any are copyrighted, I wil remove them.

Edmund Fitzgerald Prints

ten novemberposterEdmund Fitzgerald - The Last StormThe Edmund Fitzgerald can be seen as she last was above the waves in this print I have made. This print was featured in The Minneapolis Star-Tribune in November, 2005 and would make a fine addition to any nautical, marine or Michigan History prints you may have.

Contact Information

Currently, I do not have the resources to produce any new renders or prints of the image, but the image is available for license for blogs, magazines, newspapers and such.

If you wish to contact me, please send an email using my contact page, or email me directly at forge22 at gmail dot com. Forge22 is my Chicago freelance graphic design and web development business.

About the Project

The 3D Edmund Fitzgerald started as my senior project for my BFA seminar in college at Northern Michigan University, on the coast of Lake Superior. Dedicating 500 hours that semester and summer to work on this shipbuilding project, it quickly took on a life of its own. What you see here is the (continuing) result of that love affair, rendered down to the very rivets on the lifeboats. Many thanks to those who find the Edmund Fitzgerald 3D project stimulating and uplifting.

Here are pics and photos of my model as well as current information on the 3D project and the Edmund Fitzgerald. If you would like to leave me a comment, please visit my contact page. This site designed and hosted by Forge22, all scripts, HTML, and CSS coded and validated.

Update Information

This is the section where the latest update information can be found. I am focusing much of my time to this project and other professional freelance projects. Information about renderings, images, and the model development will be posted here.

02/12 - Slowly working on new Video. Prints available for purchase! Stay tuned for further developments.

11/10 - 30 Years later. I'll be in detroit this weekend.

11/08 - I am making a QTVR of the Fitzgerald. Awesome. Stay tuned for big things, this will probably take near a day to render completely.

10/31 - Adjusting lighting for photo-realistic render. Video put on hold temporarily. I'll be up the next three days straight...

10/18 3 AM - Rendering a test video of a 5-second fly-around the pilot house. Completed a lot of touch-up modeling based on pics from the launch. Also worked extensively on metal texturing and fine tuning other modeled details.

5 AM - Test Render complete. Pretty smooth, and I updated some textures and the radar models. They Spin! Pilot House Sweep

Noon - New five second animation posted. Fixed above texture and models. Download the new Movie.

10/13 - Texture work is painstaking. It takes almost as long as the modeling. I have a ton of new textures I've created, but getting them to look right is the tricky part...

10/12 - I took about a hundred pictures of different textures down at Chicago's Navy Pier (ewww) yesterday, so I have a lot of great new material to work with.

10/07 - Smoothing camera movement, updating textures with new, better looking and photorealistic techniques. Some of my old techniques worked, but were used very antiquated methods in both modeling and texturing.

4.5 hours to render 10 seconds of animation. The animation came out rather poorly, with a very pixillated AVI. I need to work on this some more...