Edmund Fitzgerald 3D Model - Author and Creator

Sam Perkins-Harbin, 3D Fitz Designer and Freelancer Sam Perkins-Harbin graduated Northern Michigan University in May 2004 with a degree in electronic imaging. He lives in Chicago and is a Chicago freelance web designer, urban explorer and recreational physicist.

His hobbies include photography, exploring the Great Lakes, road trips and dancing. He spends a lot of time in front of his computer creating such quality work as this.

This is an approximate to-scale computer reproduction of the Edmund Fitzgerald created using a 3D Modeling Program. I'm going for historical accuracy using actual pictures of the boat and blueprints from books. I've been working on this project since late August 2003, inspired by Holdin' Our Own, a play for which I was sound engineer at Lake Superior Theatre. I've put in over 500 hours creating this. Some textures and reference photos are from Lakers that come to load in Marquette.


Technical Notes

I have added caustic reflection along the water line. There are a series of lights casting a particular pattern along the waterline, giving the illusion of reflected light, and further defining the hull. The sky texture is from a cold November 5th day on Lake Superior, and the water is a shader with reflection and transparency. Polygon count is 636,417.

Crew List

  • Ernest M. McSorley, 63, Captain
  • John H. McCarthy, 62, first mate
  • James A. Pratt, 44, second mate
  • Michael E. Armagost, 37, third mate
  • George J. Holl, 60, chief engineer
  • Edward E. Bindon, 47, first assistant engineer
  • Thomas E. Edwards, 50, second assistant engineer
  • Russell G. Haskel, 40, second assistant engineer
  • Oliver J. Champeau, 51, third assistant engineer
  • David E. Weiss, 22, deck cadet
  • Eugene W. O'Brien, 50, wheelman
  • John J. Poviach, 59, wheelman
  • John D. Simmons, 60, wheelman
  • Ransom E. Cundy, 53, watchman
  • Karl A. Peckol, 55, watchman
  • William J. Spengler, 59, watchman
  • Thomas Bentsen, 23, oiler
  • Ralph G. Walton, 58, oiler
  • Blaine H. Wilhelm, 52, oiler
  • Gordon E. MacLellan, 30, wiper
  • Robert C. Rafferty, 62, steward
  • Allen G. Kalmon, 43, second cook
  • Frederick J. Beetcher, 54, porter
  • Nolan E. Church, 55, porter
  • Thomas E. Borgeson, 41, able seaman maintenance man
  • Joseph W. Mazes, 59, special maintenance man
  • Bruce L. Hudson, 22, deckhand
  • Paul M. Riipa, 22, deckhand
  • Mark A. Thomas, 21, deckhand